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What happens to your business if you are disabled or can’t work? The reality for most small businesses is that if the owner is unable to work, the business fails. While the business owners themselves may have an individual disability policy which will cover their loss of income, often they may not receive enough money to keep their business functioning during their absence. Business Overhead insurance does just that: provides the money to keep the business functioning while the business owner is unable to work so they can either sell the business for a profit, or return to business as usual. There are many reasons why business owners become disabled, whether it is a car wreck, Cancer,  or Alzheimer’s. However, with business overhead insurance, expenses such as employees wages, mortgage or lease payments, debt payments, and utility bills will be covered. In some cases, business owners even choose to use their overhead to pay for a new business owner to run the business in their absence. If you have any other questions about business overhead insurance or any of your other protection needs, call us today at (423) 292-4142. 

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