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Earthquake Insurance


Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are not common in East Tennessee, but they can happen!

Rebuilding your home and your life after an earthquake is far from the ideal situation. On top of that, you will not only be starting over, you will be behind the curve.  You are still bound to your mortgage, no matter the condition or current worth of your home. If an earthquake strikes and destroys possessions you are still making payments on such as a car, electronic equipment, or furniture, you are still required to make payments on these items.

Earthquakes can destroy everything you have built in an instant, and if you cannot afford to rebuild your home and replace all your possessions out of pocket, you need earthquake insurance.

Rebuild your home with money from your insurance policy, not your pocket. Contact the insurance experts at Veritas for a free quote on Tri-Cities earthquake insurance today. We will do our best to help you understand all your insurance options as well as your risk. Protect your family and your assets. Call us today at (423) 292-4142 to talk about coverage options available to you as an East-Tennessee homeowner.


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