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So, you had trees fall during the pop-up thunderstorms this week, and you are wondering what your insurance can do to cover the damage. You may even be wondering who is responsible for the damage if a neighbor’s tree fell in your yard or vice-versa. I’ve been getting a lot of these questions recently, so I decided to do my blog post this month about tree damage: who’s liable and what coverage is available to homeowners in these situations?

First, I want to address the issue of who is liable. No matter who’s yard the tree was in, if it falls into your yard and damages any property, it is your homeowner’s policy’s responsibility to cover the loss. Because of the liability clause in any home policy, unless the owner of the property where the tree was knew that the tree was about to fall or that, for whatever reason, it needed to be taken down, they are not liable for any damage it might have caused your property. Think about it this way, the homeowner had no control over the damage that tree caused, so their insurance cannot be responsible either.

So, now you realize that you are liable for the damage, but what can you do to fix the problem? Most policies only cover up to $500, $1000, or $1500 dollars for tree removal if the tree did not damage any property. However, if the tree hit your fence, your house, or your car, you have the coverage to replace or repair any personal property damaged.

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