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Any sort of political change can bring about unsurety. Most recently I have been getting a lot of questions from clients about the changes that may be taking place to Obamacare under a new administration.

Rating variables are necessary to lower health insurance costs when you lump everyone together, you can’t help but raise rates to account for the cost of those who are consuming more health care.  One way to reduce costs is to pull all of the sick people out of the risk pool and put them back into Medicaid, which is where they were before Obamacare started.  Those who do not have pre-existing conditions should pay less than those who do and this will accomplish this immediately. Society feels that, we must make sure to provide those who are not eligible for or can not afford health insurance, get the care they need. I believe we must return to underwriting. This will create more competition and lower prices. Before Obamacare, there were six or seven carriers who wrote individual health policies in Johnson City and Kingsport Tennessee. Today, there are four in these same areas. In some counties, there are only 3. By once again allowing underwriting for individual health care policies, the competition will increase, and prices will plummet.

One positive aspect of Obamacare was the access it provided to health insurance for individuals who cannot afford health care or are uninsurable. One solution I see to this problem is to use the VA Hospital System to provide for these patients. Why don’t we allow veterans, our nation’s heroes, to go to any doctor or hospital they want, and in turn use the VA facilities to provide healthcare for patients who cannot afford healthcare or who have too many pre existing conditions to be eligible for health insurance.  We already have a huge budget for this, and if these services are good enough for our veterans, they should be good enough for the poor and uninsurable.

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