Real Estate Errors and Omissions

Real Estate Errors and Omissions​

No matter how successful your real estate firm is or how careful you are as an agent or broker, you are always vulnerable to detrimental lawsuits when you are not properly insured. You may think that because you have the minimum required E&O coverage for real estate agents that you are safe. Unfortunately, many real estate agents have found out the hard way that they do not have adequate coverage. Our real estate errors and omissions insurance policy will protect your real estate firm and all of your agents from attorney’s fees, court costs, and lawsuits arising from a real estate transaction. We provide coverage for appraisal, property management, contingent bodily injury and property damage, and much more that your current policy might not cover.

As you bring on more agents and as your firm expands, it becomes more and more difficult to ensure that there are no mistakes made in your real estate transactions. Litigation is time-consuming, costly, and exhausting. We will not only provide you with adequate coverage for your firm and agents, but also provide helpful training for your agents to reduce the risk of errors in transactions.

You may think that you are covered from these risks by your general liability insurance policy, but it typically does not cover contract performance, errors, or disputes. The peace of mind that errors and omissions coverage offers is worth every penny of the surprisingly affordable policy.

In order to be covered, you must have purchased errors and omissions coverage prior to starting a job. Call us today at (423) 292-4142 and ask for Andy or Jonathan to make sure you are covered before you consult with your next client. Don’t have time to pick up the phone, but still want to find out more? Click on “Get a Quote,” and fill out the short form, and one of our team members who specializes in real estate E&O will contact you within one business day to finish your free, no-obligation quote!