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The country was shocked by the recent shootings in Las Vegas, Nevada. The horrific events caused a lot of confusion and unrest around the area as people wondered what impact it would have on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. In that same way, the recent natural disasters have sent much of the country into panic and confusion. Many were unprepared and were left reeling over the often devastating results of the natural disaster.

As an insurance agent and risk manager in Johnson City, I am concerned for the business owners in our community. Video footage I saw of the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting revealed businesses fenced off by that all-too-familiar, bright yellow, “Do Not Cross” police caution tape. This made me think . . . I hope those businesses have Civil Authority Coverage to pay their employees and maintain a steady income while local authority officials have restricted access to their buildings. Anything from a downed power line, to wind damage, to a gas leak, to a criminal investigation could prompt civil authorities to keep your business unaccessible to you and your clients for days if not weeks. How will your pay your employees? How will you pay your bills? Your Business Owner’s Policy or Commercial Package may already contain some coverage, but more than likely it does not. Even if your policy does include the coverage, is it enough?

The time to wonder isn’t after disaster has struck. It is now. Call us today at (423) 292-4142 to discuss your coverage and make sure that your business is protected.

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