Week Nine

My monday of this week I was feeling really good and had even gotten my knee to bend to 90 degrees. I had worked on my leg five or six hours a day the whole weekend. When I was stretching, I heard some pops in my knee which the doctors said I could expect. This meant that my scar tissue was being torn. By Tuesday and Wednesday, however, my knee was very swollen. I continued to ice my knee and tried to keep it stationary. By Thursday I began stretching again and got it to 95 degrees using a heating pad and hot tub to loosen the tendons and muscles. My main goal now is to keep getting breaking up the scar tissue. Today, I even went to the pool at the Wellness Center and did some walking and lunges and squats. The cramping has been absolutely terrible and sleep has gotten rough again, but my therapy has helped. I have been stretching my quads, hips, and hamstrings which I think has helped with some of the cramping.