Dental Coverage

Need Dental Coverage?

You should be protecting your health, finances, and your smile with dental coverage. If you have ever had an expensive dental procedure, or if you have just seen regular dental bills pile up, you are aware of how expensive dental work can be. Dental insurance will give you peace of mind and is well worth the investment for your family.

Veritas works with Delta Dental of Tennessee to offer three options for families or individuals with no dental plan from their work.  You can even add Vision coverage to your Dental plan for less than $10 per month!  If you are retired, these plans are available for you and your family. You can add vision coverage to any plan. Our plans available with no waiting period, plus you can get online quotes and enrollments in minutes.

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If you have any questions about dental insurance, please call our office at (423) 292-4142. Our team would be glad to help you find the best plan for your family’s needs.