Long Term Care Insurance

Johnson City Long Term Care Insurance

Your entire life, you have saved and prepared to be able to enjoy retirement. You plan on traveling, or being with your grandkids, or gardening, or volunteering. But, what happens when you or your spouse becomes very ill after retiring? If you do not have long term care insurance, you and your spouse have not anticipated one of the most common situations that retirees face.

Most retirees will need some form of nursing care or extended medical assistance at some point during their retirement. On average, this kind of care can cost $6,000 per month for a private room in a nice nursing home.Do you have enough in your retirement savings to pay $72,000 each year for medical care? For most, the answer is no.

Worried about the cost? Compared to the enormous cost of long term care, the price of long term care insurance is very low!

With a long term care policy, you and your spouse can rest assured knowing your retirement dreams are protected. You can even customize the policy to specify that you would like to receive in-home care, rather than being placed in a home, assuring that you and your spouse are able to enjoy the life you worked so hard for as long as possible. Medicare does not cover in home care, and if you are only relying on Medicare to provide long term care coverage, you could be displaced to a state-run facility in order to get that care.

Why call today?

  1. The earlier you take out a long term care policy, the less the premiums will be. If you are in good health right now, it makes sense to get approved.
  2. If you call us today, we can begin to discuss each of your options within 24 hours, making sure you and your spouse’s retirement dreams are protected and secure.