Power Sports Insurance

Johnson City Power Sports Insurance

Are you and your power sports vehicle when you are competing, offroading, or just having fun in your backyard? If you don’t have a power sports insurance policy, the answer is probably no!

Power sports insurance is particularly designed to allow you to enjoy your motorcycle, boat or snowmobile without worrying about any risks. If you are covered properly, a power sports insurance policy covers your vehicle as well as offering enhanced medical coverage for any accidents. Power sports policies also cover lost or theft of your vehicle when you are away from home which would not be covered by your traditional homeowners or auto policy. That’s right, your homeowners policy will not cover your motorcycle or snowmobile if it’s in a trailer or garaged away from your home.

Don’t worry about the cost either! Power sports policies are surprisingly inexpensive!

Here are two reasons to call us today:

  1. Don’t take one more ride on your dirt bike, motorcycle, or boat without the full assurance that you and your property are completely covered.
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