Taking a Vacation

Taking a Vacation

Aaaaaah. Vacation. White beach. Blue water. Colorful drinks with little paper umbrellas. New sights, new sounds, new smells…Maybe you’ll rent a car and explore. Maybe you won’t.

Of course, that might not be you. You might be thinking…Yeah! Vacation! Slopes! Powder! Apres-Ski! Maybe try dog-sledding? Frozen-Waterfall-Climbing?

Whether you’re heading North or South, East or West, and whether you prefer action-packed or easy-going, it’s easy to forget that unpleasant things can still happen on vacation. Even though you are trying to get away from it all.

Invest a short amount of time  in some preparation to set yourself up for true peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that if something happens you are protected!

Here are a few thoughts to consider as you plan your trip.  Contact us and we can help with these answers!

  • Rental car? Do you need their insurance? That depends on your  auto policy and even where you are traveling. Call us, we can help sort it out!
  • How your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance can cover you even away from home
  • Going abroad? Your health insurance might not come along.

This is your well-deserved vacation. Time to enjoy, relax, and re-charge. Don’t let nagging insurance questions interfere with your peace of mind!