Umbrella Insurance

Johnson City Umbrella Insurance

In our society, four things work against you when it comes to accidents and insurance:

  • It often costs nothing to initiate a lawsuit
  • Juries and judges can be unpredictable
  • Defending yourself can cost a lot of money
  • We live in a litigious society

You have worked hard for success and along the way, you have  may have accumulated possessions and monetary wealth. You are proud of your accomplishments and have protected your investments with a great insurance policy. But, is that policy really enough. Unfortunately, due to the facts listed above, probably not. You need extra protection in the form of an umbrella insurance policy.

What are your limits on your auto and home liability policies? $300,000? $500,000? That sounds like a lot of money. But, if you get into an auto accident, someone falls into your pool or gets injured on your property; whatever the occurrence – you can be sued. Medical costs can add up very quickly and think about the medical costs if the accident involves a van with 7 passengers? Okay, you say, the insurance will cover it. But, what if the judgement amount is over your policy limits? That happens often especially if you have nice things. An umbrella policy is protection that will rev up after the other policy limits are exhausted.

Contact your seasoned insurance professionals at Veritas  and discover how a small cost provides you with gigantic protection. Umbrella policies can often be as low as $20 or less per month!


At Veritas we have provided umbrella protection for people in Johnson City since 2009. We know how to protect your assets.

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