Free Cyber Risk Calculator for Construction Companies

Is your construction company at risk from cyber attacks?

Construction Cybersecurity and Cyber Liability Insurance

If you own a construction company in Tennessee, cybersecurity is probably not the first thing on your mind. However, construction companies face real cyber risks that can jeopardize their companies. Even if you don’t use use equipment connected to a network, hackers can still target Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smartphones, and computer systems. This free cyber risk calculator developed by Zywave scores your company’s cybersecurity practices, showing you your estimated level of cyber risk.

If you fail to take proper cybersecurity precautions, your company could face ransomware or social engineering, or even physical damage if a control system is targeted. Additionally, any customer or financial data stored digitally is at risk of being breached by malicious cybercriminals. This could lead to expensive consequences including costly litigation and a tarnished reputation.

Calculate your company’s level of cyber risk with our free cyber risk calculator for construction companies!

We can also have the ability to send you our FREE Cyber Security Planning Guide and we can run a FREE Cyber Risk Assessment for your company.

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Calculate Your Construction Company's Cyber Risk

There are twenty questions on the calculator, each dealing with critical cybersecurity issues. Your responses are given a numerical value depending on your answer. When you complete the form, it will automatically calculate a cybersecurity score for your construction company between 0 and 100 (100 being best, and 0 being worst). Additionally, we will send you our free cybersecurity eBook.

Instructions: Answer each question below with a whole number (either “0” or “5”).

If the answer is yes, write the number 5.

If the answer is no or you are unsure, write the number 0.

Important note: You must enter either “0” or “5”. The calculator will not work with any other response.

Once you have submitted the form, we will send you your score, and our free eBook on company privacy and cybersecurity.