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Tennessee Construction Insurance

Whether you are a large construction company in Nashville, or an independent contractor in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee construction insurance, also called contractors’ insurance, is necessary to protect you from costly claims. The amount of coverage your business requires depends on what work you do and how large your company is. That means your company needs personalized service tailored to your company’s individual needs. That is what we strive to provide at Veritas Risk Management.

Your business is expanding. You are adding new team members, tackling new jobs, buying new equipment, and expanding your work zone. Make sure your coverage is expanding at the same rate. The construction industry is a necessary, yet dangerous industry. Approximately 20% of workplace fatalities occur in the construction industry. If something were to happen at your company, you need to have adequate insurance coverage.

Tennessee construction insurance provides a wide variety of coverages for your company. All of these are essential for your financial stability. Call our Johnson City office at (423) 292-4142 to discuss your risks and coverages today.

What Construction Insurance Packages Cover

These are examples of the coverages that Tennessee contractors and construction companies often require. Your specific coverage requirements depend on what you do and the size of your company. Our team will work with you to make sure you have adequate coverage.

General Liability
General liability insurance covers claims if your company is held responsible for third party injury or property damage.
Workers' Compensation
Workers' compensation insurance is not only essential for your construction company, it is required by Tennessee law. It covers lost wages for employees injured on the job, employee medical expenses, and more.
Errors and Omissions
Also called Professional Liability Insurance, E&O coverage protects your construction company from allegations if you provide consultation, advice, or design work.
Disability Insurance
Disability insurance serves as insurance for your employees' paychecks. If an illness or injury prevents your employee from working an earning a living, disability insurance will ensure that they still have a source of income for a period of time.
Commercial Auto Insurance
This coverage is necessary to protect any trucks or commercial vehicles registered to your company. Additionally, we can provide ENOL insurance coverage, which provides liability insurance for your workers if they use their private vehicles for your business.
We can help you with any type of bond your company needs. From bid bonds to permit bonds to performance bonds to payment bonds, we've got you covered.
Builders' Risk Insurance
Builders Risk, or Course of Construction Insurance, is specifically designed to cover a building where the building is being constructed. It can cover just the structure, or also the materials on site waiting to be installed or transported to the job site.
Inland Marine Insurance
Commercial property insurance only covers tools and equipment at the location on the policy. Inland marine insurance protects your valuable property that is stolen or damaged in transit.
Cyber Insurance
76% of companies in the construction industry are unprepared for a cyberattack. Cyber insurance protects your digital records and finances in the case of a data breach or cyberattack. Calculate your company's level of cyber risk with our free construction cyber risks calculator.
Commercial Property Insurance
This form of insurance protects you financially in the case of damage to company-owned property or assets.
Tennessee contractors insurance

The Coverage You Need

Your company is unique. Depending on the size of your company, you may need "bare bones" coverage, or you may require all of the coverages above plus a commercial umbrella policy, a flood insurance policy, and more. Whether you are a general contractor, painting contractor, homebuilder, or anything else in the construction industry, we've got you covered. Tennessee construction insurance is vital to protect your company. Speak with one of our agents to review your policy or get a free quote.

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Meet The Team

Regina Davis - Johnson City commercial insurance

Regina Davis

Commercial Lines Manager

Born and raised in the Tri-Cities, Regina’s local perspective gives her the ability to connect with our clients on a personal level. By blending business-minded strategies with detailed management of specific client needs, Regina is able to provide effective results. Regina says, “I am only truly satisfied when I know that I have found the best coverage for my clients. If I can’t find coverage to suit a client’s specific needs, I would rather send them somewhere else than sell something that is not right for them.” Regina is a member of the Tri-Cities Business Builders networking group in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Andrew Darlington

President of Veritas Risk Management

Andrew has 25 years of experience in the insurance and risk management industry. He has worked with thousands of business owners to help protect their assets and firms. Andrew started Veritas Risk Management in October of 2009 and has experienced agency growth each year since. Andrew will take the time to review the specific needs of each client so that he can provide the most personalized protection package. Originally from Memphis, Andrew graduated from King University and lives in Johnson City with his wife and 6 children.

Andrew Darlington - Tri-Cities workers compensation insurance
If you are a contractor, you need Tennessee construction insurance

Protect Your Company

As an independent insurance agency, we aren’t tied down to one insurance provider for our paycheck. Instead, we partner with you to help you find the best value Tennessee construction insurance coverage available for your needs. Call our Tri-Cities office at (423) 292-4142 to speak with an agent. Alternatively, if you fill out the request form below, we will be in contact with you shortly.

Do you also have a Real Estate License?

If you or your wife have your Real Estate license, you may have some serious gaps in you coverage.  A standard General Liability policy does’t give any coverage for Real Estate transactions. If you fit this category, we have a special nation wide Real Estate Professional Liability division call FirmSecured that can help you understand your risks and give you the coverage you need to protect you and your business.

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