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Tennessee Contractors Insurance

Each job a Tennessee contractor wins brings both money and risk. Your business is expanding. You are adding new team members, tackling new jobs, buying new equipment, and expanding your work zone. Make sure you coverage is expanding at the same rate.

As a contractor, you know how vital insurance is, as your line of work can be especially prone to accidents. A good Tennessee contractor’s policy will protect you in each of these areas:

If your Tennessee contractor’s coverage is lacking in even one of these areas, your entire business and all your assets are at risk!

We can also help you if you are building a structure and you need Builders Risk Coverage.  Just click here and we can give you a quick price to protect your building, not just in Tennessee but in just about every state in the United States!

Price is always a concern but with a custom contractors insurance policy, you can obtain coverage only for what your unique business demands. It can be surprisingly affordable.

A word of caution about Real Estate Licenses:

Many contractors either have their Real Estate license or their spouse is a licensed Real Estate Agent. Contractor General Liability policies DO NOT give coverage for Real Estate sales and shockingly most Real Estate E&O Programs give LIMITED or NO COVERAGE to the contractor or spouse in these situations.  We have a special Real Estate Professional Liability division call FirmSecured that can help you understand your risks and give you the coverage you need to protect you and your business.  Even if you do not live in Tennessee, our FirmSecured program can help you and your firm.  From California to Maine and Washington to Florida, FirmSecured is here to help with all of your Real Estate E&O needs.

We can help!

Call the insurance experts at Veritas today at (423) 292-4142 to talk to one of our awesome team members about your unique risks and the unique coverage we offer to protect your business. Don’t have time to pick up the phone? Click on “Get a Quote,” fill out the short form, and one of our team members will contact you within one business day to complete your free, no-obligation quote!

Pro Tip

If you use Subcontractors, make sure you have a plan to manage your Certificates of Insurance from your Subcontractors.  We have written The Definitive Guide to Certificates of Insurance to help you with that process.  Just complete the form below and we will email you our e-Book.


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Employee Benefits for Contractors

Many contractors do not think that they can afford Group Health Insurance and most have never heard of a lower cost alternatives call Health Sharing.  We have several pages with additional information if you would like to learn more about quality health care benefits for your employees that you can afford.

  1. Pros & Cons of Health Sharing
  2.  How Health Sharing Plans Work
  3. Pricing
  4. Health Sharing FAQ