Rental Car Insurance: Good or Bad?

You may have been tricked into buying unnecessary insurance before. But one type of insurance that certainly isn’t just a clever marketing ploy is insurance from rental car companies. For most people, it is almost always necessary to buy coverage through the rental car company when you rent a car.

Why You Probably Need Rental Car Insurance

In the event of damage to their vehicle, many rental car companies hold the customer responsible for a lot more than the traditional auto insurance policy covers. For example, the company may charge you for the diminution of value of the vehicle if you were to get in a wreck. There are other things they could charge you for which may not be covered under your auto insurance policy. Some insurance companies have agreements with certain rental companies. However, unless your insurance company has one of these agreements, you should carefully read both your auto insurance policy and your rental contract before you refuse rental car insurance. If the contract says all you are responsible for is damage to the vehicle, then you should be fine without the company’s insurance. However, if you will be held responsible for other things, you will probably need to purchase it.

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Questions about Auto or Rental Car Insurance?

If you have any questions about this or any of your other insurance needs, don’t hesitate to ask! Please contact our Tennessee insurance office today at (423) 292-4142, or send an email to Voted Johnson City’s best auto insurance, we would be happy to give you more information and answer any of your questions.

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