Don't accidentally give to hackers this holiday.

Don’t Give to Cybercriminals this Christmas

It’s the season of giving. Every year, Americans spend almost $1,000 each on holiday shopping and giving. But this Christmas season, be careful not to give your hard-earned money to cybercriminals. Many businesses relax their holiday cybersecurity measures. But the holiday season is one of cybercriminals’ favorite times of year. And they may be coming after your small business.

Why Do Cybercriminals Strike on Holidays?

Cybercriminals, especially ransomware attackers, often strike on holidays or weekends. Due to the lower capacity for human response, holidays and weekends give them more time to do their dirty work. In fact, only 7% of organizations have at least 80% of their security professionals available on holidays and weekends. This means companies’ defenses are down, and response time is lower.

Holiday cybersecurity

Company Cyberattack Losses Over Holidays

Generally, cyberattacks during these times yield much higher losses. According to one survey, ransomware losses over holidays were up to 13% higher than non-holidays or weekdays. Depending on the sector you work in, these losses could be up to 48% higher.

Holiday Cybersecurity Measures

In light of this, it’s important not to relax your cybersecurity measures over the holidays. In addition to normal cybersecurity practices, make sure you have a ransomware-specific business continuity plan in place. What will happen if you are a target? Do you have adequate cyber insurance to cover your losses?

Don’t let cybercriminals steal your cookies this Christmas. If you have any questions about protecting your business from ransomware attacks, reach out to our team. You can also get in touch with a reputable IT company like Aegis IT if you have concerns.

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