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Your Financial Roof

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, roofing is one of the highest risk jobs. That means you need the best value insurance coverage available. If your company was liable for an injury or property damage, what would you do? What if one of your employees gets injured on the job? An insurance policy that works for another contract probably won’t cover your risks and liabilities. Not having adequate Tennessee roofing insurance could spell disaster for your company.

Whether you are a residential or commercial roofer, you and your business have unique risks that require unique protections. Roofers’ insurance policies are designed to cover risks that modern day roofing companies face. Additionally, they cover many risks common to contractor businesses. Roofing contractors’ insurance serves as a roof over your business, protecting your company from costly claims and liabilities.

At Veritas Risk Management, we understand the unique hazards roofers face, and are committed to helping you find the best value coverage for your business. Because of the extra protections roofing companies require, roofing insurance is often more expensive than other contractors’ insurance policies. That’s why we exist: to analyze your specific risks and provide you with robust coverage at a fair price.

Primary Roofers' Insurance Coverages

Workers' Compensation
Workers' compensation insurance is not only essential for your roofing company, it is required by Tennessee law. It covers lost wages for employees injured on the job, employee medical expenses, and more.
Liability Coverage
If your company was liable for property damage or injury of a third party, that would be covered under your roofers' liability insurance. Especially if your company does commercial roofing jobs, general liability insurance will not be enough to fully protect your roofing company.
Commercial Auto Coverage
Commercial auto insurance is essential for trucks, vans, or cars, registered to your company. We can also provide ENOL insurance coverage, which provides liability insurance for your workers if they use their private vehicles for your business.

Other Roofers' Policy Coverages

Cyber Insurance
Does your company use an online database for customer information, or do you accept payments through credit cards? If so, your Tennessee roofing company needs cyber liability insurance. Cyber attacks have been dramatically increasing, and you need to protect your business against them.
Builders' Risk Insurance
If you are working on a roof and an unexpected storm destroyed all of your work, that would be covered under your Tennessee roofers' insurance policy through builders' risk insurance. This type of coverage is especially necessary if you do large, time-consuming projects.
Roofer-Specific Coverages
The larger your company is, the more coverage you will need. A robust roofers' insurance policy will provide extra protections for your materials and equipment that other policies may not provide. This includes coverage for materials while they are in transit through inland marine insurance, or surety bonds if your company bids on jobs.

Who Needs Tennessee Roofing Insurance?

If you are a roofing contractor or own a roofing company in Tennessee, you need roofing insurance. But those aren’t the only businesses that need it. Siding contractors, handymen companies, building contractors, and roofing subcontractors may also need roofers’ coverage. One of our agents can help you determine whether you should consider Tennessee roofing insurance.

Tennessee roofing insurance

Meet The Team

Regina Davis - Johnson City commercial insurance

Regina Davis

Commercial Lines Manager

Born and raised in the Tri-Cities, Regina’s local perspective gives her the ability to connect with our clients on a personal level. By blending business-minded strategies with detailed management of specific client needs, Regina is able to provide effective results. Regina says, “I am only truly satisfied when I know that I have found the best coverage for my clients. If I can’t find coverage to suit a client’s specific needs, I would rather send them somewhere else than sell something that is not right for them.” Regina is a member of the Tri-Cities Business Builders networking group in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Andrew Darlington

President of Veritas Risk Management

Andrew has 25 years of experience in the insurance and risk management industry. He has worked with thousands of business owners to help protect their assets and firms.He started Veritas Risk Management in October of 2009 and has experienced agency growth each year since. Andrew will take the time to review the specific needs of each client so that he can provide the most personalized protection package. Originally from Memphis, Andrew graduated from King University and lives in Johnson City with his wife and 6 children.

Andrew Darlington - Tri-Cities workers compensation insurance
Andy Warner - kingsport insurance

Andy Warner

Sullivan County Office Manager

By combining nearly a decade of insurance industry experience with a background in counseling and non-profit work, Andy brings a unique skillset to insurance that allows him to actively listen to and understand your specific needs and priorities. He believes that insurance should be personalized to each individual client and their unique situation – nothing more, nothing less. Andy lives in Kingsport, where he is the manager of our Kingsport officeHe is a member of the State of Franklin Chapter of BNI and has served on numerous boards in both the educational and non-profit realms. 

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