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The risk your laundromat carriers extends far past your machines. Aside from machine malfunction, these risks also include ruined clothing and bodily injury from a customer slipping and falling.

These risks can be devastating. I once heard a story of a laundromat owner who had each and every one of his machines insured to their full value. His building caught fire, and the insurance company promptly paid to replace the machines. However, his establishment was ruined to the point where it was going to take some time to make the entire operation ready to be open for business again.

Unfortunately, the owner neglected to purchase loss of income insurance. If he had, he would have had his expenses paid plus some profit while his business was being readied to reopen. Instead, he went bankrupt and ended up losing the business.

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At Veritas, we will work with you to assure that you and your business are sufficiently covered from all risks, with insurance policies specifically tailored for laundromats. All of your risks from damage, bodily injury, and liability will be covered in one comprehensive, easy to understand policy.

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