Patellar Tendon Rupture Recovery Timeline

Patellar Tendon Rupture Recovery Timeline

Cool Timeline

A-Frame Accomplishment

This is the tool I have been using to bend my knee over the weeks. Look at the before and after from where I was at the beginning to where I am now! Before:     After:  

Week Eleven

It’s week eleven now, and I am finally starting to get some mobility back. My doctor approved me to drive and to walk without my crutches. I have continued to use the Biodex machine and sitting elliptical at higher levels, as well as doing lunges and step-ups in the therapy…Read More

Week Ten Update

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Steps per Minute

When using the NuStep machine, it’s important to keep your steps per minute pretty high as it will help increase your range of motion.  

Week Ten

Today I did 12 minutes on the NuStep machine and a half-mile on the sit down elliptical. I followed it by stretching of knee and doing some squats and two sets of toe raises which made my knee extremely swollen. Then I got back on the NuStep machine for another 12…Read More

Shoes and Socks!

I was finally able to wear shoes and socks today!

Using the Therapy Pool

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Week Nine

My monday of this week I was feeling really good and had even gotten my knee to bend to 90 degrees. I had worked on my leg five or six hours a day the whole weekend. When I was stretching, I heard some pops in my knee which the doctors…Read More

Still Shooting

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