Tennessee sales tax holidays 2022

2022 Sales Tax Holidays in Tennessee

Shopping without having to pay for sales tax is always a welcomed change. The state of Tennessee has announced three sales tax holidays for 2022.

What is a Sales Tax Holiday?

Sales tax holidays are typically declared each year in Tennessee. The general assembly votes to exempt a category of items from sales tax. That means, during a defined period, you can buy those items without having to pay sales tax.

Tennessee Sales Tax Holidays in 2022

In addition to Tennessee’s traditional sales tax holiday on clothing, school supplies, and computers, the Tennessee general assembly has approved two other sales tax categories.

The state of Tennessee has approved three tax holidays for 2022

Clothing, School Supplies, and Computers

Each year, Tennessee typically announces a sales tax holiday for clothes, school supplies, and computers. They are continuing to follow this tradition in 2022. The sales tax holiday will extend from Friday, July 29 to Sunday, July 31. During these three days, you can buy clothing and school supplies under $100 per item, and computers for personal use under $1500 tax-free.

Food and Food Ingredients

A tax holiday for food and food ingredients will last the entire month of August. This exemption does not include food purchased from a vending machine, alcohol, tobacco, candy, dietary supplements, or prepared food. If you are a dealer of food or food ingredients, be sure to read the state’s guidelines on reporting exempt sales.

Gun Safes and Gun Safety Devices

If you are a Tennessee gun-owner or considering purchasing a firearm, you will be pleased to know that the sales tax holiday for gun safes and gun safety devices beginning in July of 2021 has been extended to June 30, 2023. Retail sales of guns safes and gun safety devices are exempt from sales and use tax during this period. As with the other categories, sellers are required to report exempt sales to the state.

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