Workplace Safety

Prevent heat-related illness on Johnson City construction site

Prevent Heatstroke on the Johnson City Construction Site

During the summer months, it can regularly get above 90 degrees in Johnson City. This can pose a significant risk for Johnson City construction workers. If you are a construction worker or employer, you need to make sure you are taking proper precautions to protect yourself and your employees against heat-related illnesses. As summer approaches …

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Preparing for Workplace Emergencies

September is National Preparedness Month, which encourages individuals and businesses alike to prepare for emergency situations, disasters and health risks that could occur in their everyday environments. Emergencies and disasters can happen when they are least expected. Therefore, it is crucial for employees to be prepared for a variety of workplace emergencies (e.g., fires, chemical …

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Preventing Theft at the Construction Site

Job site theft has become a rising concern for construction employers across the country—resulting in the loss of valuable equipment and materials. In fact, the latest research revealed that such theft currently accounts for an estimated $1 billion in annual costs throughout the construction sector. Yet, there are several measures that construction employers like you …

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